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Marriage Memory Box



Marriage Memory Box








Comments:  As a wedding gift for a newly married couple, I was asked to build this box to hold and display precious items and memories from their life together.

When I learned that the bride and groom both liked Persimmon wood, and had a common history involving the Persimmon tree, I couldn't help but suggest that we use the wood in the project and make the box itself a memory.

Marriage Memory Box

Though I began with a design in mind, the wood I harvested turned out to have a mind of its own. These patterns of light and dark wood, characteristic of Persimmon, were discovered deep in the center of the tree I had harvested, and I changed the design of the box in order to display them. The lid's handle, which extends out past the box's side, was suggested by a wood pattern that was larger than the box -- but could not be cut without losing the design.

The lid folds back to reveal a plaque made out of Persimmon mounted to the back of the lid, on which the couple's names and a drawing of a Persimmon tree are etched. The drawing is taken from the painting, "The Persimmon Tree", by Sakai Hoitzu, 1816.

The lid is held in place with two carved pins, which can pulled out to remove the lid. But getting the lid back on is a little tricky. It turns out to require both spouses working together, in harmony, in order to restore the lid to the Memory Box.

The finish is roughly seven coats of oil finish, which brings out the richness of detail in the fine-grained wood.

Wood:  Persimmon, Hard Maple.




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