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Living Room

Computer Desks


Comments:  Having a space of one's own to use the computer is, for some, a basic human need. That's the way my clients felt, and they decided they each needed such a space for themselves--together.

Since either or both of them might be using the computer at any one time, we created two separate places. The files and work items used at each computer are easily accessible, and there is some shared space for both.

File Drawers

Details such as the hand-carved handles and shelf fronts are common to the entire unit.

The center unit faces the corner, with its own cubbyhole for the computer monitor, surrounded by open shelving for archives and supplies. Beneath the countertop, there is extra space for a hard drive unit.

The file cabinet to its right provides shared space for both work-stations. Two standard file drawers and two wider, multi-use drawers store files and other items that they both use. Above, more open shelving offers a backdrop for art and special pictures.

Lighting hidden under the upper shelves brightens the countertop, making it easier to see papers and notes behind the glow of the computer screen.

The Other Station


On the left is another complete workstation, with its own space for the computer.

Underneath, a stack of file drawers and a pencil drawer sit opposite a special compartment for the hard drive. Above, open shelves are used to house and display some special items, but they are surrounded by a pair of doors, which can be closed to hide the worst of the clutter and chaos that every workstation is heir to.

This unit also has lights under the upper shelves, which are switched separately. All the computer wiring is installed out of the way in chases behind the three separate units.

Wood:  Black Cherry


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