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Sewing Armoire




Sewing Cabinet








Comments:  To love sewing, and to have to gather sewing supplies from all over the house when it's time to hem a shirt or make a new blouse, was intolerable for the owner of this armoire. We created it for only one purpose: to restore her sanity by placing everything within reach in one place.

Inside Storage

The open shelves on the left store fabric, samples and swatches of cloth. The right side houses the sewing machine, in a compartment which also allows for clothing on hangers. Below are custom fitted drawers for all the tools, accessories and supplies to make the art of sewing fun.

The case is made of wood salvaged from old warehouse beams and joists, resawn to smaller sizes and air-dried. Some of it is eighty to a hundred years old; the heavy, pitch-laden wood has a fragrance like that of a pine forest, and is heavier and more richly figured than wood cut from the second- and third-growth forests of today.

Wood:   Reclaimed Longleaf Pine case; Aromatic Cedar drawers.


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