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A New Design


I can work with you to create a unique and personal design, and then turn that design into a reality -- even if you have only the vaguest ideas.

But I really feel you're the best judge of what you like. You have probably already taken some of the first steps on the design trail:

  •    Identified the need or problem.
  •    Begun gathering information about the situation, in order to define what is needed as accurately as possible.
  •    Been looking for and noticing ways that other people have solved similar problems.
  •    Developed a sense of what you like about the styles, colors, forms and shapes that you have already seen--and what you dislike.
  •    Been thinking up some ideas of your own, and may have developed an image or a vision that you think would work, even if it exists only in your imagaination.

If that's what design is, you are already doing it.

Wood Hinges

Samurai Woodworks builds every piece from scratch, so there is the opportunity to build something for only one client. Since no one knows what you need or want better than you do, you are in the best position to decide what will suit you.

What you may lack in design or drawing skill, or the ability to visualize, I can supply. Your ideas can be transformed into a reality.

The end product will be something designed both for you and by you, and will be unique to your needs. Rather than force-fit some existing piece of furniture into your plans, rather than "make do," we will have created a piece which is just right for you.

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