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Sliding Doors

Room Divider Doors


COMMENTS:  Assignment: Accomplish the impossible!

How do you make a room disappear without using magic? We wanted to provide a sliding door to separate two areas of our customer's home, but the available space for the door was less than half the width of the no single door could slide completely out of the way.

Custom Hardware

Our solution was to use three doors. This called for a special mechanism to enable the doors to slide together at different speeds. Using a chain and pulley system we designed for the purpose, the doors slide seamlessly across the opening whenever a little privacy is needed, then slide out of the way to open the space back up again.

The stainless-steel sliding rollers and custom-built chain-and-sprocket control mechanism are almost "steam punk", the current fad of displaying the workings of machines as art in themselves. The doors are fun to watch, and as you're opening up the room to guests, they make for a great conversation starter!

Doors Open Doors Closed


WOOD:  Birch Veneer, Custom "Barn Door" Hardware, chain, sprockets and rollers.



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