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Entry Doors


Entry Doors









COMMENTS:  There are about six different ways to get in and out of this south Kansas City home. Samurai Woodworks built, finished and installed all six of them.

Second Front Door

The front door opens into an entryway, looking straight through to a second door which leads to a rear deck. The two doors are mirror images of each other; the glass panels allow a view straight through the house into the woods beyond.

Both doors are made of Genuine Mahogany for resistance to weathering and warping, and are assembled using mortise-and-tenon joints (rather than the more common dowel joints), which will last the life of the house.

Among the other entrances to the house is a pair of doors built of salvaged Longleaf Pine, resawn from old warehouse beams and carefully dried. They match the columns and beams used to build the house itself, and the wood will darken to a rich color as it ages.

They should age well, too: the Longleaf Pine, perhaps a hundred years old, is very durable and resists distortions caused by moisture and weather. They may still grace this house in another hundred years.

Screened Porch Door
Pantry Door

WOODS:  Genuine Mahogany, reclaimed Long-leaf Pine


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