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Writing Desk





Standing Desk









Comments:  My customer spends a good deal of his working day sitting down, so his request for a new work space for his personal office stipulated that he be able to stand and work for a change.

The urban office already had plenty of bricks and mortar, so together we chose the honey-colored Alder wood to add a natural material to the setting.




The design provides almost eight feet of desk space for the things every office needs, with three large drawers beneath the top for pen, paper and accessories. A footrest runs the length of the desk.

Across the room we placed a matching credenza for pictures and displays.

Then as an afterthought we provided a tall stool to perch on -- in case he wanted to rest for a bit, after all.

Telephone Stand



After a few months living with the desk, my customer found that one more item was needed: a small telephone stand to match the rest of the furniture. It needed only a single drawer, and a lockable compartment.

One advantage of having Samurai Woodworks build the original desk, was that we could create the phone stand to match the rest of the suite. This would have been impossible to achieve with factory-made furniture!


Wood:  Alder.


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