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Bed Frame

Marriage Bed and Nightstands

Comments:  We designed this marriage bed for a couple's anniversary...but it wasn't as easy as we thought. We proposed all kinds of elegant, ornate, important-looking design ideas -- then threw them in the trash. In the end, none of them appealed to us more than simplicity.

Instead, we decided on a simple, solid bed frame, a simple, solid headboard, and two simple, solid nightstands. All the boards are plain, without moldings, and even the nightstands are just simple boxes. Black Cherry was chosen for the wood so that its natural beauty could be displayed. Like a good marriage, it is what it is, plain and simple.

Linen Drawers



The nightstands each have a top drawer, and a compartment below for books or linen.

Underneath the mattress, we also provided enough storage for the household bedsheets and linen with four large Aromatic Cedar drawers.

The finish is three coats of clear satin lacquer.

Wood:  Black Cherry

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