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Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island







Comments:  When one thinks of a "classic" style of house, it is usually the eighteen hundreds--not the nineteen-fifties--that comes to mind. But this fifties ranch house had enough historical interest from that period to be listed on a national registry.

Adjoining Cabinetry

The architectural style is certainly distinctive. When we created an island addition to the owner's original kitchen, we designed it in the style of the residence.

The genuine mahogany matches panelling and cabinetry elsewhere in the house, and it is intermingled with painted wood and laminate countertops in a vintage light green.

The original kitchen, shown at right, was refurbished and refinished at the same time, adding a tall pantry on the left to house more modern appliances.

The jazzy look of the finished result is ready for a sock hop party!

Wood:  Genuine Mahogany, Poplar.

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