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Comments:  The brainchild of the homeowner, a talented home decorator, this room was created as an enchanting nook to get away and relax.


Built into a corner of the existing house, the glass walls and ceilings of the new addition face to the south and east, letting in the sun and making the room seem a part of the adjoning outdoor garden.

The glass ceilings were made possible by use of three long redwood trusses, which support the weight of the roof across the entire length of the room, while leaving space around the perimeter for curved acrylic glazing. They form a spidery framework against the sky (as well as a great place to display found natural objects).

The entry to the room is a corridor, shown at right, which wraps around the original exterior of the house. Like the rest of the room, it provides a place for sun-loving plants to flourish.

Main Doorway


Immediately inside the main room is a pair of custom-built doors (featured in the Portfolio under Doors). They have separate screen doors outside, so that in good weather, the doors can be opened completely to let the fair weather in. On the adjacent wall, we provided a set of double windows which open to provide additional ventilation to the room.

Samurai Woodworks built the room from the ground up. We worked with the homeowner to finalize her original design and provide blueprints, permits, and even a required zoning variance. We dug and poured the foundation and floor, built the framing and structure, installed the glass and did all the finish work. We contracted the installation of the new stone flooring.

Exterior View


We applied stucco to the room's exterior frame, learning the technique to match the stucco finish of the rest of the house.

Wood:   Western Red Cedar

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