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Screened Porch








Comments:  Designed by Bill Larson Architects of Dallas, Texas, this screened porch was built to provide a bug-free zone in a new residence in the deep woods...woods with plenty of bugs.

East View

The post-and-beam structure has wide roof overhangs, making it a dry and magical spot to be during the area's frequent spring storms.

Special wide screening was called for, so that the wonderful forest views could be enjoyed without interruption.

The room itself is large enough for several seating areas and a dining area. Part of the area is fitted around an interior fireplace, with a wood storage compartment accessible from both the inside and outside of the main house.

Two ceiling fans help make the room comfortable during hot muggy summer days.

Exterior View

The screen door leads to a pair of curved steps landing on a fan-shaped deck, making the true outdoors only a few steps away.

The door has a smaller version of itself imbedded in the frame, as a swinging door--for the four-legged members of the household.

The Cat's Entrance

Wood:   Western Red Cedar

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