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Library Room





Research Library

Comments:  For a working Presidential historian, whose avocation involves extensive research and study of history from the present day back to America's beginnings, having the right reference materials at hand when he needs them is as important as -- well -- winning the next election!

North Wall


We created a library that organizes and displays a large collection of books, articles, and reference materials on Presidential history covering two hundred years. The bookshelves keep handy references within easy reach, separated into categories and subjects.


But finding enough space for all the items was a challenge. In the small studio apartment he used as his office, our client asked us to make every inch count.

Southwest Wall


Two walls in the main room are filled with bookshelves, almost floor to ceiling. A bookcase on a third wall holds a special category of books that are in frequent use.


When wall space grew short, we mounted bookcases over the doorway openings, sturdy enough for the heaviest encyclopedias.







Finally, the library spilled into the adjacent hallway. Bookshelves float near the ceiling, lining the hallway and two ends with book niches -- as well as two waist-high shelves along the wall.


This is our customer's favorite space, because there is finally some wall space for paintings and art!


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