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Bedroom Etageres









Comments:   "Hey, David, this is Doug, I just walked in the door, it's 9:15....   You are a genius!  These bookcases, these shelves in the bedroom, are gorgeous!  I had no idea that they would look this good.

"That post that goes up in the back, curving the front of it that way...and such a neat texture!  I can't believe it.  I really, really like them.  They're perfect, brilliant, really neat stuff!

Glasses Shelf
The Glasses Shelf

"And that shelf for my glasses...he he he...just the right size.  They fit on there just the way I want them to.  Maggie can't fit anything else on there!

"Well, hope you're having a good night.  Thanks a lot, these really look fantastic in this room, now we're gonna have to fill up the shelves..."

That's the message I found on my answering machine the night after I installed these bedroom bookcases.

Wood: White Pine

Two Center Shelves

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