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Stairway and Handrails














Comments:  While renovating and remodelling his entire house, my client changed the main entry hall from drab to dazzling with this unique staircase and handrail.

The concept was created by Mark McHenry Architects of Kansas City, Missouri, designers and architects for the project. It features a hand-made wrought iron frame which is bolted to the staircase framing.

We made custom laminated Black Cherry handrails and installed them around the steel frame, then covered the stair treads and the side of the stairwell with solid Cherry panels. The Cherry wood matches trim and paneling used throughout the remodeling project.

Upper Landing

A matching guard rail adjoins the second floor landing, making a smooth transition from the first floor. Cherry edging on the stairwell floor was notched into the existing oak flooring.

Special care was taken that no fasteners or hardware would be visible in the finished product, so they were either mortised into the wood or covered over by it.

The wood finish is three coats of urethane varnish over the natural Black Cherry, which will age to a deep reddish tone over the years.

Wood:  Black Cherry

The Design
The Result
The Plan         The Finished Railing


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