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Watching the sky is rewarding on many levels, and one of them is that sometimes it’s just a whole lot of fun! As Carl Jung said, there are no coincidences, so I think this is all happening for a reason.
Sometimes the sky makes stuff up.
So let’s lie down on the grass here and just look up and imagine we can make out all kinds of shapes and faces and creatures in the clouds.
This has to be something in the rabbit family, hare, bunny, or cottontail..or maybe a mamma rabbit with a baby?
And the tree in front of the building on the left — it looks remarkably like a fox! Uh-oh, there’s gonna be trouble…

Here I’m guessing sea horse, or perhaps a goofy Scotty dog looking back over his shoulder?
You’ve got to admit, it does look like something, but what is it?
Some are not so obvious, and most clouds just look like, well, clouds.  According to chaos theory, no two clouds are alike but they have certain characteristics in common, like the fractal nature of growth that evolves like the shape of a coastline…Wait! this blog is supposedly to be fun! The heck with theory!  Let’s just watch…
Near as I can tell, it’s Donald Duck, and I don’t think he has his hat on.
What do you see here?
Sometimes the sky gets it just right, though, and there no room for debate.

Cloud Disguises
“Cloud Disguises” Greeting Card

If that bird only knew the cat was above him he’d been more careful swooping on by!
I had just stepped out of a restaurant in Dallas with some friends into the daylight, I turned around and there it was. We were all stunned, especially by the eye hole punched right through the cloud.
Don’t worry, the mockingbird escaped.

Another sea horse, or dragon,  crashing through downtown Kansas City tossing buildings like matchsticks, with a monster friend tagging along behind.

The Macy’s Day Parade with cats and dogs ballooning past…

And elephants and elephants and elephants, oh my!

Remember that old Far Side cartoon where the cows are standing up smoking cigarettes until one of them shouts “Car!” and they all go back to standing like cows? I sometimes think the sky is like that: she’s up to all kinds of tricks while we’re not paying attention.

Not to forget the equine kingdom, whose wild stallions stampede across the plains and clop-clop right across the interstate.

"The Feeling is Mutual" Greeting Card
“The Feeling is Mutual” Greeting Card

Sheep or goat or grasshopper, this is a fledgling newborn trying her first few steps under the watchful eyes of the mother.

Other times the whole sky is one big face, with one big eye, lost in deep meditation…

Some clouds are a kind of Rorschach ink-blot test, and in five minutes your imagination will find fifty different faces!

Speaking of ink-blots, here is another incomprehensible shape. Bird skull? Chinese dragon? Chicken bone? Medusa?
What am I saying about the state of my psychology?!? As this goes on, I am less and less sure about what things are.

"Gentle Giant" Greeting Card
“Gentle Giant” Greeting Card

Perhaps with front paws outstretched, this is a guardian lion, watching over his people like Asgard from the “Chronicles of Narnia.”

"We Fit Together" Greeting Card
“We Fit Together” Greeting Card

And sometimes the sky decides to mimic people.
Here is a small dance troupe executing twirls across the stage as the day’s performance comes to  a close.

Lastly, my newest greeting card had a feature I only noticed upon looking at the photo later: an ancient face of wisdom as if in meditation, with its glowing aura radiating out across the heavens.

"Primal Meditations" Greeting Card
“Primal Meditations” Greeting Card

Don’t pass by a chance to check out the sky, no matter where or when. You may be pleasantly surprised. What do YOU see in the clouds?

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