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A House Full of Furniture

A House Full of Furniture


Comments:  Ladies and gentlemen, be seated. At last!

My customer had suffered a flood which irreparably damaged an entire houseful of heirloom family furniture. It was a total loss, representing several generations of value and memory.

We undertook to replace the furniture, of which all that remained were a few grainy photos. Although we couldn't bring back the memories, we tried to replicate the look and feel of this furniture as well as the originals. The pain of loss in this case is balanced with the thought that now, the furniture which we've made to replace it will last for another hundred years!

The set of dining chairs flanks two elegant dining room serving hutches, all made of Missouri Black Walnut. Together with the customer's existing table (spared from damage) the set makes for a comfortable feast, all the serving utensils within easy reach -- and a conversation starter as well!

We also replaced a third hutch, two heavy end tables and a large coffee table from their living room set, made of Black Walnut. And the bedroom got a brand-new "vintage" Mahogany bed frame which looks a hundred years old...though it's less than a hundred weeks.

We were honored to be entrusted with the project and hope the house full of furniture gathers another lifetime's worth of memories!

Wood:  Black Walnut, Clear Satin finish.


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