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         News from the Furniture Studio

Some of the recently completed projects at Samurai Woodworks:

Magic Table


I call this a "Magic Table" but maybe I should call it "Transformers". It can be a coffee table or a full-size dining table, depending on the need, with a simple transformation that takes but a minute!

Check out the process of building the table and watch my clients do the transformation in this short video:


Bathroom Suite



Bringing a dingy and outdated bathroom into the twenty-first century, we created a suite of cabinetry that takes care of every need, and makes getting ready for the day -- and winding down from the day -- a pleasurable experience again.

Visit the finished rooms here!

Train Station Doors




To provide a sliding door to act as a room divider, we had to use some innovative thinking. The room available for the door was not large enough, so we used three doors instead, with a specially-built mechanism.

Take a closer look at the finished doorway here.

A House Full of Furniture




When a house full of precious heirloom furniture with equally precious memories is lost, we try to restore the furniture. We can't replace the memories, but with this set, new memories can be created for the future.

Click here to take a peek.

Train Station Doors




This Way to the Trains! A basement train station with complete scale model layout needs a fitting entrance door. You can almost hear the chugging of locomotives when you step through the massive Oak doors.

Step on to the loading platform here.

Memory Box


A special Memory Box will hold memories and keepsakes of a newlywed couple. The box itself is a memory, made from wood of the couple's favorite tree, the Persimmon.

Like marriage itself, the box requires two people working together in harmony in order to operate successfully. Read more about the Memory box here

Mirror Frame




This mirror frame is brand new -- yet it's already a hundred years old! Built to match an antique, it's now ready for the next century of use.

Take a look at the Pier Mirror Frame in place!

Children's Realms




Welcome to the playground! If you're a kid -- or once were -- you'll appreciate these waiting areas in the Veterans' Hospital's newly opened medical facility. For one thing, you can do so much more than just wait!

C'mon, let's play! here.


Thank you for your interest in my furniture and woodwork!


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