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Life Wall

Life Wall


Comments:  From a life of service that has contained adventures and unforgettable experiences from all corners of the earth, my client had acquired boxes of photographs, art objects, banners, awards, gifts and unique precious objects.

His desire to take them out of the boxes, and enjoy them, gave me a unique and interesting challenge: to create a space where these many different objects could be displayed together, and the history they represent could be honored.

Southwest View


The items in the collection had many different fastening methods and hangers, those that had any provisions for display at all. We designed a wall-mounted panel system that accomodates a variety of options. The planks that form the walls are grooved to accept a custom-made system of metal clips and hangers which we provided, and are adaptable enough to use for mounting any object.

Northeast View



We also provided shelves in matching wood of three different sizes to hold standing art objects and picture frames, and these are mounted to the wall with the same clips. In addition, we intentionally left space above the wall, and grooved the top board to securely hold even more picture frames.

It was a thrill to be involved in the creation of such a personal and meaningful piece of work.

Wood:  Alder


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