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Kitchen Cabinetry

PROJECT:   Heart Pine Kitchen

When a beautiful old house, built long before most of us were born, suffers damage in a fire, the sensible thing to do is to rebuild it using twenty-first century methods and materials.

Northeast View

Thankfully, these homeowners didn't do the sensible thing, and decided instead to build it like they "used to". The original house was almost entirely Pine. We rebuilt the kitchen with Pine again, salvaged from beams, columns and timbers from other buildings equally old.

All the cabinets are built of this salvaged wood, as well as the floor, and even the large dining counter.


Southwest View



Below the stone countertops, we used drawers instead of cabinets with shelving. These provide much easier access to kitchenware, as well as more storage space than cabinet shelves.

In the adjoining room, we also installed a mantle of matching wood for a newly designed stone fireplace.



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